Remove Workflow from SharePoint.


I got asked a question the other day that I thought was a little out of the ordinary.  My client wanted to remove work flow all together from MOSS.

Then they told me to make sure it could be reversed easily.  I thought about it for a second and figured out the best way to approach this would be to disable the feature that installs work flow by default on every site collection.

So here I out line the steps to perform this task if you ever need to remove work flow from SharePoint.


Requirement – Remove OTB workflow from SharePoint 2007 at the farm level and have it easily reversed.

As it stands it is simple to go into every site collection and disable the 4 workflows or deactivate the 4 work flow features. However, this is too cumbersome if you have a number of site collections and it will not carry over to new site collections.

These simple steps will show you how to do this at the farm level. This came from pocking around until something worked because I was not about to manually change this on hundreds of sites.

Step One

Open Central Administration and navigate to Operations>Farm Features

Nothing exciting here…leave it open for now.


Navigate to the 12 hive and then TEMPLATE > FEATURES

We are looking for the feature that installs the work flows by default. This is conveniently called “StapledWorkFlows”

Open this folder and locate the feature.xml

Right click on feature.xml and choose edit

This should open in notepad or your xml editor.

Now we need to change one line of the xml and save it

We need to change FALSE to TRUE to make this a visible feature at the farm level.



save and close.

****IISRESET*****You must do an IIS reset at this point

After you will see Office Work flows. Go ahead and deactivate this feature.

Once deactivated the Workflow feature from each document will no longer be there. Users will still be able to go into the document library settings (Site owners at least) and tinker with the 4 existing work flows, but they will not be able to use them.  Returning to the OTB work flow will be as simple as re-activate the feature

NOTE!  Editing the xml files for features that are built into MOSS would result in an "un-supported" install of MOSS.  So, just change it back to hidden=true and save it back.  Workflow will still be disabled.  You better have some nice documnetation for the next guy that comes in and trys to determine why workflow is "broke"


Don Pistulka

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