User Profile Properties


User Profile Properties

Some of these properties are public and appear on the public profile page. However, many of these properties are only visible to administrators. Only the SSP administrators can view and edit all user profile properties at the SSP level. The Site Collection administrators can view the values of SSP-level properties in the user information list on the Site Collection. They can edit site-level properties that are included in the user information list. However, these are not added to the user profiles stored in Profile Services.

All the sites that use the same SSP receive the same basic set of properties from the user profile store. These properties are displayed in the site’s user information list. SSP administrators can add new properties to the user information list across all Site Collections that use the same SSP. Administrators of each Site Collection cannot add properties to user profiles. However, they can add properties to the user information list for people, depending on their specific business needs.

Additional User Profile Properties

The default user profile properties and the properties imported from connections to directory services and business applications can be supplemented with additional properties tracking key information, which is not available from other sources. To limit the scope of your planning, prioritize the most important properties to improve user profiles. Focus on adding properties that enable key business needs or scenarios for each Site Collection. In some situations, the property relates to a less central business process for the Site Collection or the property seems relevant but does not address specific scenarios. In such cases, you need to wait until a specific need is identified during regular operations instead of planning to add the property during initial deployment. In some cases, you might not need to add new properties at all.

You should review the default properties provided by MOSS 2007 and the policies that apply to them before deciding what changes to make, what properties to keep or remove, and what additional properties to create.

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