Creating Advanced Content Authoring and Approval Work flows


SharePoint Designer 2007 provides users with a wizard-driven environment to design workflows that associate business logic with document libraries or lists.

In addition to creating workflow, it also allows you to create pages, Web sites, content, HTML, and other Web-related files.

A workflow can be initiated manually. It can also be initiated automatically when a new item is created or when an existing item is changed. A user can be prompted for initiation information, if required.

The stages in the workflow are called steps in SharePoint Designer 2007. These can be based on a custom condition, checking for predefined conditions, such as file type created on a specific date. If the conditional status is evaluated and if it holds true, you can initiate an action to continue the workflow process.

When a condition is true, you can initiate an action, such as send an e-mail.

Variables and additional steps or branches referred to as Else If branches can be included in the workflow.

Workflow Designer 2007 validates the workflow, associates it, and saves it back to MOSS 2007 in the workflows available for the site.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WF provides developers with a visual designer that uses the Visual Studio user interface for the graphical construction and debugging of workflow applications based on WF engine.

The WF describes the stages in a workflow as activities. Each workflow runs on a single workflow engine for each application domain.

Applications of WF

  • It provides a fully functional workflow development environment for developers.

  • It provides support for Visual Basic, .NET, and C# debugging. It also provides a graphical workflow designer, and the ability to develop workflow in code.

  • It provides programmatically configurable exception handling, workflow tracking, workflow serialization, and dynamic and runtime updates.

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