Document Center Template


So we all get this document center template as soon as we create a site collection based on the teams site.  We also usually delete it to make room for our document libraries and such.  But, not so fast.  We have some things Document Center brings to the table that the OOTB doc library does not offer – without some tweaking that is.


  • Document center allows users to work with a large number of documents. The document management features of the document center manage these documents.

  • You can create columns and views to organize or sort list items.

  • There is an option of categorizing the documents according to the type of content. This simplifies the process of searching for the documents in a large repository. – SharePoint 2001 users will love this

  • A content type contains certain features to categorize the documents, create documents with the required style, automate the process flow, and manage the policies.

  • There is a facility to integrate e-mail within the defined content sites. You can enable and configure e-mail settings for a list or library.

A lot of these things can be done within a document library easily, but document center takes it all and makes it readily available for us right out of the box.

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