Records Management


You should take time to really understand the Records Center template and how it fits into CMS.
Here are a few points and I also added some links at the end. Records Management is an important part of MOSS.

  • Organizations are required to manage content properly in order to fulfill legal and records management requirements and to supervise a vast volume of available content.

  • You need to configure policies against each content type in a list or document library in order to manage the documents. There are various features in MOSS 2007 that can enable you to configure a policy.

  • Records repository in the Records Center site template offers the capability to maintain versions of the records, to provide unique barcode image and numeric value by using barcodes, to automate record reconciliation to the correct location based on content type, and to hold the record to prevent unauthorized changes.

  • You need to plan the repository sites, create the sites, and then configure record routing to implement records repository.

  • The records repository site routes incoming e-mails to a document library according to the information provided in the records routing table, therefore providing effective e-mail management option.

  • To implement a record management solution, it is necessary that organizations plan the implementation procedure well in advance in order to avoid insufficient retention or premature disposition of documents.

Because MSDN will always do it better –

Don Pistulka

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