3rd Party MOSS Migration Tools


3rd Party Migration Tools – A Closer Look at Tzunami and Metalogix for Sharepoint Migrations

We know there are a few tools out there to help with 2003 to 2007 migrations, or even more importunately, help with non Microsoft to MOSS 2007 migrations.

I have recently had the chance to use two different migration tools to do some very large and complicated 2003 to 2007 migrations.  We had several issues that we ran into during our database migration – but that’s a whole other entry on its own…

The two products I used were Tzunmai  http://www.tzunami.com/products/Pages/ProductOverview.aspx?gclid=CLLmmeTyoZUCFQMLswodcF6wkg

And MetaLogix http://blog.metalogix.net/

Surprisingly both of these tools worked well for what they were intended to do.  They were both used in areas of separate migrations that I needed to restructure their environment and/or remove some custom templates while migrating.  Creating a new taxonomy during a migration is a challenge I will leave only to those with tons of paintence and a love for pain…No, really both of these tools made this process much easier.


I would like to discuss the two tools and give some pros and cons of both.

I will start with Tzunami.  I used Tzunami to migrae about 1200 sites into a brand new taxonomy that we designed out.  Tzunami’s role was to move the data onto new databases and restructure the entire taxonomy of MOSS.  Not a signle site would be in the same location it once lived.

Tzunami performed very well at this task.  It did everything their sales people told us it would do and it was very fast.

Pros/Cons: Tzunami


·         Fast

·         Very user friendly interface

·         Help videos on their website

·         Drag and Drop sites to new locations

·         Full featured to allow for mass detail.

·         Ability to change every detail down to the list level.


·         Too much info – Had to map too many columns and was cumbersome.  Even though the option was checked, permissions did not migrate to our standard.

·         Very expensive for the task at hand

Let’s look at the pros and cons of MetaLogix.  MetaLogix was brought in to take several 200GB+ databases from SPS 2003, split them up and remove the custom templates they had so we could bring them into a freshly designed MOSS environment.  Most importantly we need to keep all URLs the same and the structure could not change.  These sites were large and had 100’s of sub-sites and lists/libraries each.


  •   Very user friendly
  • Quick install
  • Copy and Paste at many levels incuding permissions that worked perfectly.
  • Not too many options, but just enough.
  • Could install on any machine on the network (My laptop) as long as I had server extensions on all servers.
  • Cheap compared to Tzunami


  • Slow…and I really mean slow. Transfer speeds were nearly half a gig per hour.  Did I mention we had several 200+ databases?
  • Sloooooooooow..again I needed to say this
  • Needed to instal Server Extensions on every server.
  • Oh…it was also slow…

That’s it really.  My only complaint with MetaLogix was the speed.  I wonder how much of these speed was induced by our environment, but I cannot imagine it being much.


All and all they both did their job well, but if I had to pick a winner for the tasks at hand – it would be MetaLogix.  The program was just way less cumbersome and allowed for plenty of options without making me choose them.

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2 Responses to 3rd Party MOSS Migration Tools

  1. Don says:

    As an update to the speed of MetaLogix – their tech support came back and told me they average about 2-4BG and hour.  Way more than what we were seeing.  We saw about .5GB an hour.  They offered some suggestions and we will se how they play into our mass database move this week,.

  2. Unknown says:


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