Give a User Rights to a List But Not to the Site


Need to give a MOSS user rights to just one list within a site?

Not that this is a new challenge or was not around in 2003, just thought a lot of people run into this question a lot.

So how do you give a user, or for that matter an application, access to get data from a list, but not have access to the site?

Pretty simple really. We use a built in account called "Limited Access" Limited Access includes permissions that allow users to view specific lists, document libraries, list items, folders, or documents when given permissions while keeping them out of the site if needed.


This came in handy just a few weeks ago as I was writing an application that needed to grab data from a SharePoint list.  We had to make sure the service account could not access any other list or even the site.  Using Limited Access group worked out well.  Keep in mind that this is only available with the the publishing features of the site collection turned on.

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