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Must Have SharePoint Resources

  For over a year now I have let my inbox fill up with literally thousands of articles I will never get a chance to read from dozens of SharePoint MVP’s, Microsoft Sites, forums and self proclaimed SharePoint Gurus.  Well, … Continue reading

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Personalization Site Links in SharePoint

  Personalization Site Links in SharePoint   What the heck is that?  When running through Central Admin and the SSP Admin, I get asked more often than not as to what Personalization Site Links are.  They sound exciting don’t they? … Continue reading

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SharePoint Versioning – Major/Minor Versions

  Versioning in SharePoint is not new, but it is still a major part of how we plan out and Govern our sites.  Even with the low costs of storage space thee days; we still find ourselves in need of … Continue reading

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Approve Multiple Documents in MOSS

  I see this happen all the time.  A user puts hundreds of documnets into a library and then realizes that content approval is on.  So how can we, as admninstrators, make it easy to Approve multiple documents in MOSS? … Continue reading

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Get Logged On User into InfoPath

    We all design forms and whether they are simple or complex, they almost always need one important aspect – connect to Active Directory and grab some user attribute such as name or something.  Well let’s see…should we really … Continue reading

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