Approve Multiple Documents in MOSS

I see this happen all the time.  A user puts hundreds of documnets into a library and then realizes that content approval is on.  So how can we, as admninstrators, make it easy to Approve multiple documents in MOSS?
Really it’s simple.  This is a MOSS only feature
Strart by navigating to site settings.  Under the "Site Administration" tab select "Content and Structure"
Next navigate the the list or libray where the items or documnets are located.  select that list or library and at the top uyou will see a "view"
Drop down the all task and you will see:
Now you see "pending approval"  This will now show all itemsin that list or library that need to be approved.
Check the select all button or choose the items you want by checking those items.
Then choose actions and Approve.  You do not need to enter a comment if you choose not to.
That’s it.
 By the way.  This same process works for checking in multiple documents also.  Just choose the "Checked Out to Me" option instead of "Pending Approval"
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