Personalization Site Links in SharePoint


Personalization Site Links in SharePoint


What the heck is that?  When running through Central Admin and the SSP Admin, I get asked more often than not as to what Personalization Site Links are.  They sound exciting don’t they?


The truth is they are a way to target content to MySites by way of the top navigation bar.  For example, if you have an AD group for users located in a particular city, you could target those users to get a link to the local news site on their top navigation bar. Or you could have a tab to the "Sites" directory to have a way way back to your portal from MySites. let’s keep in mind this is the same as targeting content by audiences on a page, only we are concentrating on MySites and the top navigation tab.  We do not have to target by audience here. We can add the link to all MySites as well by not selecting an audience.  Here we will focus on using an audience.



Let’s set this up and take a look at it.


First a normal MySite


In our SSP we see Personalization Site Links



We create a new link and fill out the information.

Here we are targeting to an audience based on an AD Distrobution Group.


And here we see the link within our list in SSP.  The best Practices here are the fewer the better.  Too many Personalization Site Links may be overwhelming to users.


And now we see how all members of that AD group now see the WSO site on their MySites top navigation bar.


Close up






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