Must Have SharePoint Resources


For over a year now I have let my inbox fill up with literally thousands of articles I will never get a chance to read from dozens of SharePoint MVP’s, Microsoft Sites, forums and self proclaimed SharePoint Gurus.  Well, I have finally figured out where all the GOOD SharePoint information is.  A much easier way to do this is to only have 2 RSS feeds in your inbox/IE.  I went from having a list of about 20 RSS feeds to 2.  So much easier to manage.  I might actually read one or two now…


1.       It’s way easier to get all of them in one spot so this is a great RSS for blog articles and info from most of the big names in SharePoint…No my blog is not in there…yet J


2.       The best feed I have ever come across for SharePoint is simply the Newly Published SharePoint Content at TechNet.  Thanks to some incredible fate of the Microsoft God’s finding out that I hate reading blogs sent to my email, they have taken a whole bunch of the blog posts and created videos out of them.  My goodness…I never knew how easy it could be… Gotta grab this one –


3.       I lied there are 3…This one is not a feed at all in fact it’s just the coolest collection of free developer training you could ask for.  MSDN has put together 10 – 1 hour web casts that can be downloaded and viewed anytime.  It’s worth an hour a day for 2 weeks to get up to speed on all the major development sections of MOSS.  This even includes a section on Silverlight. I say that only because I am certain we are going to see a whole lot of Silverlight in SharePoint 14.  Go here –



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