error 0x0070052 Flash Memory Server 2008

Not really MOSS related at all I just noticed that I was having an issue copying files to flash memory cards and this was the error I was having. error 0x0070052
What I do know is this type of error is a "stop error" from Windows.  So WIndows – Server 2008 in my case – and probably VIsta and XP, are crashing, not the memory cards. A KB article search found no hotfixes for this error and it seems uncommon. I guess there are few servers trying to copy that many items to flash memory.
Thanks to Google I did not get my answer.  There was nothing when I searched, so I thought I would fill you all in.
It seems there is a limit at least with Windows Server 2008 to how many items can be placed at the root of a flash memeory device.  I am not sure what that hard limit is or if WIndows is just being a pain in the ass about something else, but on a 1GB SD card stopped at 209 items for me.
The solution – create a folder and put the rest of the items in a folder.  Sucks, but I do not know of another way to get around this just yet.
If you have a better solution please feel free to offer it up
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2 Responses to error 0x0070052 Flash Memory Server 2008

  1. Paolo says:

    Thanks a lot, just came across the same problem and wouldn\’t have had a clue what to do without that!

  2. Sergio Suegaro says:

    This worked great – Thanks

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