Add Item to Send To on SharePoint ECB Menu


So you drop the menu for a document and you see a "Send To" option. Not a lot there though.  The best is the "Other Location" where you can paste a URL, but not browse for the location. So end users will always get a kick out of that one.  Of course you could always fix that issue with a little event handler. 


This however is going to be talking about the out-of-the-box additions we can do with no coding at all.  Let’s begin with why we do this more often than not.  A regular requirement from clients seems to be the logic of one site with two libraries.  We then desire one library for private documents for the department and the other for public documents for the company – from that department.  The best example is HR.  Where we may have documents that not all employees should have access to until the final version is posted.  This allows us to have a "Members Only" library and then send that document once it is ready for public consumption on its merry way. Of course in a real world scenario we would wrap an approval workflow around this at the very least so items did not accidentally get placed in the public folder.



We can add two options to this flyout without coding.

1.    Document Repository (Records Center)

2.    One specific Location (Your choice)

To have a Records Center show up, add a Record Center site to your farm and simply make this change in Centreal Admin under Application Management.

Next add the location of your Records Center and give it a name that will display on the send to flyout

Now we can see the Official Records Center as an option.


But wait!  I did say there was one more option here.  That’s right you can force a document to be sent anywhere you wish.  The only problem…only one place per library can be defined out of the box.

This is simple. Go to Document Library Settings choose Advanced Settings the rest should be pretty easy to figure out add a URL and a Name.


So I filled in a document library and Named it Public HR Docs and this what we now see.


Yes we can custome code just about anything on the ECB, but this was to explain the out of the box functions we already have.



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