Upgrade MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010

So I spent this past week at Microsoft upgrading a MOSS 2007 environment to SharePoint 2010.

There are a lot of cool features in SharePoint 2010, but that is not what this is for,  This is to talk about some of the features regarding upgrades and what will eventually be migrations.  Let me start with some of the basics. 

In place upgrades from MOSS to SP 2010 will be much easier.  That said they will be a little confusing too.  The greatest part of SP2 in MOSS what the Preupgradecheck command that will run against your farm and give you some basic feedback.  Sadly this shipped in SP2 so it is final and lacks in a few areas, but is far better than MOSS prescan.  The preupgradechecker needs help in the ares of information given, how to mitigate this information and let you know if you really should upgrade.  Right now it will make you feel warm and fuzzy while really you should fix some major issues before you upgrade. This was a major point at Microsoft the hope is that they release a newer version even if it is a stand alone.

The concept is simple.  Do in-place upgrade or be normal and do a database attach migration.

The best new upgrade feature is the ‘Visual Upgrade”  The visual upgrade in SharePoint 2010 upgrade process allows you to upgrade without touching your master pages.  This way you can keep your current look and feel and then gradually change this look and feel as needed.  The coolest part is that you can preview the new look and then change it back if you find it does not work with your environment.  This allows you to update your master pages and CSS and test it before even applying it.  This is a really cool feature.  The only problem right now is that you can only apply this from the Web application or Site Collection level.  I hope we see more options with the final release.

The in place upgrade is far better than any in place upgrade option MOSS 2007 had, but I think it has it’s place. Keep in mind that Microsoft is sticking to it’s guns and making SharePoint 2010 64Bit only and you must also run 64Bit SQL along with it.  Not that you should be running any 32 bit servers, but you very well might be at this point and that would nean you will be upgradeding OS’s or hardware and at the very least doing a database migration for the upgrade.

It is really simple to do a database attach to a clean install and even with the alpha bits it worked well.

 Aslo be sure to learn PowerShell now if you want to be a part of SharePoint 2010.  There are so many reasons to access the object model in PowerShell/  Just learn pwerShell if you do not know it or get better at it…

I also got a chance to play around with the Office 14 client.  All I will say is Outlook is going to be awesome.  Great improvements in many areas.  Conversation views are better, clean up tools are better and there is a built in connection to view and use OCS directly via Outlook and much,much more.  This is a great advance and I am enjoying running it.

This post will be updated with more and more info on upgrading to SharePoint 2010. 





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3 Responses to Upgrade MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010

  1. fabian says:

    DUDE! I want more. Where is the freaking screen shots LOL

  2. Don says:

    HAHA!! No screenshots. Keeping those in wraps until the beta 1 release next month. I will say it looks really cool.

  3. Johnny says:

    Hey Don – Good stuff man. Have you looked at a side-by-side scenario yet? Good to hear that you\’re doing migrations 🙂 Talk to you later,

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