Groove…I mean SharePoint Workspaces – Way Too Easy


This really does not deserve a blog entry.  I am just excited about how easy it is to do this. 


Here is my scenario with 2007 without Groove and why I love SharePoint Workspace.


1. I have about 20 templates in a Document Library that I use daily for documents, but these are updated by other people.  Problem is I am not always connected to my network and often do not want to log in.  So I have copied them to a folder on my laptop and set up an alert to let me know if one of these gets updated so I am always using the right version.  Now this works fine if I was wearing super baggy jeans and living in 2007…Well it works I suppose.  Thanks to SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Workspace my woes are all over.


Now it is so easy too.


Ummm… Click Sync to Workspace.  That’s it.  You are done.  Really That’s it.  Connect an entire site and include all the documents in that site if you want.  This is a dream come true.


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