People Search and Bing Search – Bing 2.0 – Never Leave Bing


I like Bing.  While I struggle to use the phrase at the same comfort level I use "Google It" I suppose I can catch on to "Bing it" one day.  One thing I like about Bing right now, and the number one reason why I dislike Google for this, is when searching for athletes, or people in general, is the Wikipedia result.  Google is in bed with Wikipedia on too many levels.  While I do agree that Wikipedia is a very powerful and useful tool, I also feel it has it has a time and place and I do not always want the Wiki answer to my query.  Not to mention Bing keeps you in Bing even when viewing a Wikipedia article (See image below).  So really you never leave Bing.  You can stay and do research all day long without having to leave.  Microsoft really thought this part of search through and beat Google to the punch on getting users to stick around for awhile.  I know if I was paying for ads for targeted search results, I would want that user on the page as long as we could keep them until they clicked my ad.  This makes Bing’s ads a little more valuable when they have more visability to the same user within a few given queries.


While Bing is just as likely to return a Wikipedia result as the number one result when searching for a person, Bing Search went a little further and added some great info ahead of the Wikipedia result.  I can now search for an NFL player for example and get a photo along with instant stats and basic information.  It allows me to share this information with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily without having to leave Bing. I can also email or copy this information with a click of a button.  this is very useful and very practical.  This is great because I am often looking for some of this information quickly and I often want to share it with others as well.  To make this even better it will show me the most recent game played and the outcome as well as the next upcoming game or information.  This alone can save several clicks while trying to find basic information.


This helps Microsoft in many ways as well.  Microsoft, who had invested billions into Bing, is able to catch users at Bing, rather than sending them off to a site or two for this information.  Statistics tell us that the average search engine visit involves 4 searches.  If you can keep your visitors on your site without having to visit other sites you grow the opportunity for them to stay on your site and take advantage of paid advertising or other features.


What internal Microsoft employees have dubbed the new features that have been coming November and December of 2009 "Bing 2.0"  we, as end users, are seeing better visual search results like images and videos where relevant.  While Bing has a long road to go, it is making its name as far more than a search engine and Microsoft’s marketing is telling us all about it.




Visual Search makes broad searches more interesting.



View Wikipedia articles within Bing.


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