A year without me

It has truly been a year since my last post. To think my last post even had SharePoint 2007 all over it. 

I must say I have been very busy in the world of SharePoint Solutions and have not contributed as much to this site as I wanted to. Let’s start the New Year off with more SharePoint for the Masses… What does mean?  This blog is dedicated to provide simple, fun answers and solutions to SharePoint and related technologies to everyone.  I promise to keep it simple enough that you will not need an aspirin while walking through a solution or answer to your problem.

I have always felt that Microsoft needed to focus on to aspects of SharePoint. 1. They needed to focus on the developer and allow for great, complex solutions to be integrated into SharePoint. 2. They needed to focus on the Business user and allow for Self Service SharePoint.  Wow! I sound like a Microsoft Sales rep.  That aside, Microsoft has done this far better in SharePoint 2010 and I want to be able to share with you the problems and solutions I see business users use every day.

Have fun and come back soon for more.

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